Mission Work

I love my time involved in medical / dental mission experiences.  Although we may think it is necessary to travel overseas to have a mission experience, we see those in need in our very own Upstate area.  As my children have grown, I have returned to medical / dental mission trips throughout the year.  It is a passion and love that I hope to continue throughout my years and also introduce to my children.  For it is through these experiences, that I know their faith and commitment to humanity will grow.

The following are several stories and photographs that I thought patients and visitors, to our web, site might enjoy.

Villa Hermosa

Dominican Republic

The Tooth Mouse

There’s a tradition in the Dominican Republic (D.R.) of a tooth mouse, which when children lose their baby teeth, visits them during the night and gives them a small gift.  Unfortunately, for most people that we treat in the D.R., the tradition lives only in story form, since parents are unable to afford gifts.

As I treat patients, especially children, in the D.R., I am so quickly reminded that I am the one receiving a blessing and how through each experience my faith is deepened.  I look forward to many more trips and the wonderful people that God will put in my path.


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